How to Report

How to Report

Firstly you can fill in the paper CA005 form. Copies should be available at your organization or you can request them from the CAA.

You can do it online here.

Or you can email

If you feel there is something about your event that needs the CAA’s immediate attention, simply write words such as, ‘recommend CAA investigate’ in the description section. Make sure you’ve included your contact details.


The App – Here and Now

here and now

The CAA has a free app for reporting occurrences. Submitting an occurrence couldn’t be easier.

Going by feedback that the CAA has received, submitters have found it hard to isolate the exact location of their occurrence. The CAA app allows you to hit one button on the app and capture your GPS position so you can report fully later.

Go to the App Store or Google Play to download your free copy.