ZK-GSW Out Landing

In 2013, Hugh de Lautour was taking his Ventus cT motor glider out for a fly from Centennial Park in Taupo.

More details of the story

As Hugh mentioned, he has significant powered flight experience and believes this may have affected his decision-making when it came to the engine.

It’s important to note that while he may have started out at 3500 feet, that was amsl, and with Taupo being about 1500 feet amsl, that made him only 2000 feet agl.

By Hugh’s own admission, he was not as familiar with the motor-out performance of the glider as he should have been. In hindsight, he believes that he would have made the second farm strip and didn’t need to put it into the paddock.

Having said that, he agrees that losing sight of the farm strip while low level made it nearly impossible to land on it.

Hugh also realises he failed to follow the advice to only start the motor in the air when overhead a landing field. A mistake he says he won’t be making again.